Steve Harvey’s Birthday Surprise To A Struggling Single Mom Will Make You Cry

Latasha, a single mother of four, received a lifetime surprise during her birthday courtesy of Steve Harvey. The single mom lost her job and had a chronically ill son. To add salt to injury, she lost her home, car, and utilities were cut off.

She had a tough decision to make; separating her children. However, she is grateful that her family was supportive enough to take care of her children aged between 10 and 14.

Well, Steve Harvey is never short of surprises. Steve brought all her children to the show as they celebrated Latasha’s birthday in January.

Steve had another surprise for the family. He gave them $10,000 in a preloaded Visa card, $15,000 for one year rent, and a new car.

Tears ran down their cheeks freely when the family reunited and received the generous donations. Lady luck smiled upon the single mother and her lovely babies.

Watch the tear-jerking video with Kleenex on your hands. You will not resist the temptation to shed tears of joy.

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