Stormtroopers Take The Stage And Run Everyone Wild. Watch Simon Cowell Closely!

As you know by now, Simon Cowell is perhaps the meanest stage performance judge on the planet. The man doesn’t condone nonsense, and that’s why when he says you’re good, you really must be excellent. Getting Simon to say that is like moving a mountain. Well, someone did!

It happened during one of the latest episodes of Britain’s Got Talent. Now, there are these guys representing themselves in a group called Star Wars. They’re dancers, and their costume is just like that of the actors in the Star Wars movie. When they started dancing on the stage, people got intrigued, but no one knew the energy would finally get to affect even the meanest judge on the bench!

At some point, Simon literally stood up and hit the Golden buzzer. You don’t believe that? You should see it! You should see the crowd’s reaction to the whole awesome performance. And what does Simon say about it? You won’t believe!

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