Strange Phenomenon In Sky Leaves The Motorist’s Jaw-Dropped… What A Surprise!

Down the road in Greenwood, Indiana, a motorcyclist was cruising with all his calmness, when suddenly upon looking up to the sky he noticed a strange sight. Some things happen really fast for one to have the chance of recording them, but luckily, this motorist had a camera with him and he pulled it out and took a footage of the rare phenomenon. Many are the opinions of people concerning this film. While others think that it might have been an alien attack or an apocalyptic storm, many others opt for a showcase of crown flash.

Ever thought of what a crown flash is? Okay, the NASA gives an explanation that when a thunderstorm occurs, the lightning strikes makes the electric field over the clouds shift. The field made up of geometric ice crystals, upon happening, it creates very interesting patterns of light. Though, a crown flash is considered a rare happening because rarely there is enough sunlight to illuminate the shifting crystals. Hence the mysterious crown flash. A very interesting phenomenon!

The NASA explanation has a logical sense on it, while the alien part of the explanation is just but plain fun. If it was you who was seeing this strange sight in the sky for the first time, what could be your instinct? Be sure to let us know your comments.

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