Strangely Acting Contestant Intentionally Wanted To Lose, Reason? She’s an Angel!

You’re in a competition. You’re the best, and then you enter the final phase that could have you going home with a full purse. Would you give it all up in favor of a friend or friends?

You see, that kind of question can be tricky for most people, but not to Nura Fountano. Nura was one of the Army veterans participating in the Veterans Week on the popular show, Wheel Of Fortune, in 2015. The participants battled to the final round, but then she changed tack!

The winning phrase was very simple, and she needed to do is “s” and walk away with the money. But she didn’t! Instead, Nura would voice a “Z” every time the query came her way. She wanted to lose the other contestant could win. Smart!

How many people could pull that off? See, this one here is a really big-hearted person. She’s just adorable! It is moments like these that restore faith in humanity and all I wish for is more people like her in this world.

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