Stranger Jumps The Fence To Surprise The Cheerleader, Mom Can’t Believe What Follows…

It is never easy for families whose loved ones are several miles away serving in the military. When we have kids in the picture, they truly wish their parents were near them to enjoy the parental love that other kids get freely. That means they are more than lonely whenever they see other parents attend the important school events.

Addie Rodriguez, a 9-year-old girl is a passionate cheerleader at Central Catholic High school, which is located within San Antonio, Texas. On this day, she was going to do what she loves most, but was sad that her father will not make it to the event. The cheerleaders in her team could make sure that their dads attended the event as a routine. During the event, they could lift their daughters and carry them on their shoulders. Michael Locklear, Addie’s dad was serving in the military and was not in a position to make it to the event. Luckily, the girl’s mom attended the event and was somewhere on the stand watching every move her daughter made.

When the cheerleaders were performing, a stranger noticed that there was a girl who never had a dad. The stranger then approached the team and then did something that left everyone shocked.

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