Students Decide To Perform A Tradition, Reason? You’ll Definitely Get Touched!

In the present world, losing a family member, friend or relative hurts a lot. Death is considered as an affliction of pain on anyone who experiences it. As a student, losing a school teacher who was significant can be very depressing, it’s similar to losing a member of the family. Truly, teachers play a very important role in the shaping of uncontrollable students at school. This work is very vital in the afterward life of the students, but it is always unacknowledged. Students from the school where the teacher known as Dawson Tamatea, had passed away in late July while sleeping, decided to give him the last honor.

As the funeral cottage was approaching, the students lined up and started to perform a dance known as haka. This is a traditional Māori war dance that is sang to show unity, strength and pride. The teacher had been a wonderful coach for the boys, so they saw it wise to sing and dance to the song as a way of paying last tributes to him.

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