Stylist Gives Mom The Perfect Change She Needed, But It Started Here!

Christal and the daughter had a date with Christopher, also known as “The Makeover Guy,” for a transformation. Christopher was impressed by Christal’s positive and upbeat attitude.

She knows the kind of things that hairdressers love to hear. She told Chris to do whatever he wanted with her hair. For Christopher, it was a challenge he was ready to execute.

Telling that to a hairdresser means endless possibilities.

In the video, Chris cuts Christal’s hair. She does not seem to object.  She transforms from having white hair to a super short and blonde cut.  Thanks to fresh makeup, Christal looks totally different.

Christal learns that she can donate her hair since it was long. Her new look enhanced her confidence and made her feel attractive and sexy for once.

Christopher couldn’t agree more. He said that with Christal’s new hair, face, and personality, it is truly magical.

Watch the video to watch Christal’s transformation thanks to the talented Christopher. Let us know what you think about the story in the comments.

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