Super Bowl Power Ad That Touches on Immigration Policy – A Must Watch!

Since Trump took the leadership reigns in the US, a lot of Americans are living in fear. Phrases like you do not belong here, or you do not look like an American sends shivers to the affected parties.

Budweiser has captured that fear in their powerful that Anheuser- Busch will air on Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The 60- second ad is titled “Born The Hard Way.” It follows the vexing story of a brew master, Adolphus Busch, from Germany to the US and finally in St. Louis.

The brewer faces unkind stares and jeers, following Trump’s immigration policy. The brew master perseveres till he meets a friendly man who shares a beer with him. The duo becomes partners, and they shake hands at the end of the ad.

The ad is sure to elicit mixed reactions. It is a constant reminder of foreigners who made America great. It comes at a time when President Trump has imposed a travel ban from certain Muslim countries. The president’s decision has caused uproar from the politicians, public, and Hollywood.

What reception do you think the ad will receive? Leave your thoughts.

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