Surrounded By Enemies, The Soldier Got Into The River And Did Something That Changed Everything. Incredible!

Another soldier is now saved!

This guy was serving with the US Army in Iraq when insurgents surrounded his unit on the outskirts of the Rawah Anbar province. The war zone was getting hotter, and this man and his unit happened to be on the defensive.

Then he did it. The soldier and his unit had no weapons to defend themselves against the approaching enemy, but this man had a secret weapon; a spiritual one for that matter. He decided to get baptized in the nearby Euphrates River, so he and his unit ran there. He went completely submerged in the water as he gave his life to Jesus Christ the savior of all mankind.

Do you believe in miracles? Well, you should, because the unit figured that they could seek their refuge in the river and throw off the enemy. The weather was foggy, and that really helped.

The brave soldier is now one of the ardent Christians with a great baptism story to tell, and you just have to like him for that.

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