Swedish School Kids Get A Glimpse Of Where Their Lunch Comes From. We Should Copy This!

Imagine you’re a student, and then the lady that cooks your school lunch decides to give you and your buddies a nice tour. Before you fret, you should know that you would actually find it refreshing and very nice of her!

We’re talking about Sweden and its school lunch system. In fact, some other countries like France have also adopted the plan whereby the students’ lunch is cooked as fresh instead of being retrieved from frozen containers. I wish we could do this here too!

In the video, you watch as this nice lady, Annelie Lindeberg, takes the students around her daily lunch-preparing activities. She even takes them to meet the fisherman who supplies the school with fresh fish every day. Now that’s great!

So what if everyone could go meet the farmer that supplies the market with food. I guess then we would see farmers in whole new light. They do so much for us. Check out the clip, and if it steals your heart, be sure to SHARE it on Facebook and let everyone like. Also drop a comment and let’s know what you think about it.

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