Talented Duo Danced To The Sound Of The Silence, And They Won. Awesome!

When you hear about Dancing With The Stars, all you think about is some very talented humans doing angelic things on stage. You can’t be wrong, and you’ll prove that to be true when you see this. Get ready for an awesome moment!

When they hit the stage, people obviously expected a great performance from Nyle Dimarco and Peta Murgatroyd, given that Dimarco was a winner on America’s Next Top Model. Being deaf, this guy can really drive his message with actions. On this occasion, they choose to dance to a cover of “The Sound Of Silence” by Disturbed. The original song is by Simon & Garfunkel. What these two did with the music is truly the best thing seen in all the 22 seasons of this popular show – even Judge Carrie Ann can’t say no to that!

Apart from their twists and turns, it’s actually the message in the song that’ll really touch deep down into your heart. They ended up with 30 full points!

The Deaf community is loved and appreciated. They’re part of us too. Please watch this, and if you think it’s great, then go ahead and SHARE it on Facebook. Amazing!


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