Taylor Swift’s Song Made The 700-Lb Man Do The Impossible… Watch This!

As a Taylor Swift fan, Ronnie Brower has something to show out of it. He was a different man if you could have met him 3 years ago. At that time, Ronnie weighed around 700 pounds something that made doctors tell him that it will be really hard for him to live more than 35 years. It was Taylor Swift’s music and the news he had received which made him to start doing things differently. He wanted to end up being an inspiration to many and maybe stand a chance of meeting Ms. Swift in Cleveland in an upcoming concert.

Though his journey took more than 700 days, he was not ready to give up. He approached the whole mission without any negativity, doubt and shame. Though he could not walk at the start, he was ready to beat all the odds to achieve what his heart desired.

At the end, Taylor Swift’s concert took place in June 1st, 2015. Though Ronnie says it was “amazing,” he never had the chance of meeting his pop princess. Irrespective of that, the kind of transformation he has gone through is able to touch the lives of many people out there and we had to share it with you. We liked his love for life and dedication to achieve that he aims at irrespective of it being so hard.

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