Teacher’s Act Leaves Mom Crying, What Do You Think Of This? It Pains!

My favorite part in school is when I got to do a performance in the presence of my parents. That’s always a big deal for a kid. That’s why this story is breaking many hearts. I hate this!

It happened at a school in West Virginia, where this mom, Amanda Riddle, had gone to attend a Thanksgiving ceremony. She was also eager to witness her son, Caleb, perform a nice play. However, things turned out a little sour in the end.

Caleb was supposed to end the play with some words, “gobble, gobble”, but a teacher cut short his ending part before he could deliver. The teacher just walked over to the stage and literally snatched the microphone right from the kid’s hands. The child was broken. He cried. His mom was disappointed.

However, the school management maintained that the play was over and Caleb had nothing else to deliver when the teacher intervened. But they agreed that maybe things would turn out better if they had to do it again.

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