Technology And Instincts Expose Evils at A Nursing Home – So Sad!

Minnie Graham, 98 years, spent her last years in a nursing home. Minnie was a great-great- grandmother. However, life was not rosy for the old woman in the nursing home in Garland.

Someone in the nursing home was mistreating Minnie. Her hospice worker was cruel to her. The hospice worker would mishandle the 98-year old woman despite her protests and ailing health.

Black eyes and bruises followed. Minnie’s granddaughters started looking for answers.

The hospice worker blamed Gram’s bruises on her constant falling from her wheelchair. Her story did not add up. Minnie’s granddaughters hatched a plan to find out what was ailing their grandmother.

The two women set up a hidden camera in their grandmother’s room. It was the only to find out why Minnie had the sudden bruises.

Thanks to the technology and their instincts, the granddaughters exposed the evils of the hospice worker. Sadly, Minnie died a month later. I guess she lost the will to live.

The cruel hospice worker faced the wrath of the law. Although Minnie’s family felt the loss of the grandmother, they were glad to expose the truth before her death.

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