Teen Girl Is Approached By A Stranger, Then Those Nearby Do This… So Surprising!

Picture yourself in some public place having a good time admiring the surrounding, then when you look in front of you, you spot a stranger looking doubtful to you approaching a teen girl and persuades the girl to go with him?

The clip below was set specifically for that purpose. When you watch the video, you will be surprised with the reaction of some strangers. “What Would You Do?” decided to do some experiment by placing hidden cameras in a restaurant? They then looked for a teen blonde girl and made her sit at one of the tables of the restaurant. While she was doing her homework, a stranger dressed in a sweatshirt popped in the place and went to sit at that teen’s table. From his look, he had some fishy intentions because he started to lure the girl to accept and go with him. The strangers at the restaurant saw and heard it all. Now the question is will they do something or leave the stranger to take the girl away!

The aim of the experiment was to show how simple it is for our girls to be cheated and taken away by unknown people. Every parent should be aware of this and warn his children.

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