Teen Loses It With When She Learns She Will Receive A New Heart!

In this life, there is nothing as difficult as not knowing what tomorrow hold for you. It even gets harder when you live on the edge of life, holding to hope that you feel is the only thing keeping you alive. You just keep feeling like any time from now, that string of hope is going to snap. That is what the girl in the video below was going throughout her life. She was born with a congenital heart condition. That meant that life for her was going to be a struggle unless she got someone to donate their heart to her. As she grew up from being a young girl who could not play as vigorous as her friends, she always hoped that someone would love enough to help her.

Years passed as with her name on the waiting list. It was difficult for her to get a heart as a kid unlike for adults who easily get a match. Children rarely donate their hearts because their parents are not sure if the children would want to do that if they were adults. However, adults can make their own decisions and therefore if you are an adult, there are greater chances of you getting a heart donation. Still, it is hard; the number of people waiting to for a donation is just huge. That is why she was overwhelmed with emotion when she received the good news. Watch and SHARE with family and friends.

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