Teen “Trashes” A Newborn, And Then These Grandparents Do This. Awesome!

Just think about it: How many courses of action do you have if you happen to have a newborn that you don’t want to raise? Your answer is as good as mine. There are just so many options that don’t include leaving the innocent little being to die in a dumpster!

Well, it seems that for one 13-year-old, all the good options made no sense to her. This teen gave birth to a baby, wrapped her in a towel and threw her in a dumpster. What the heck is that?!

But fate has its way of turning things around. After the young had left the kid and were long gone, a man came about rummaging in the dumpster, and then he let out a cry. Jimmy and Annette Alvarez rushed out to help, only to find a cute little human facing death in a dirty dumpster full of rotten food and flies. They had to take her, and so they did!

The young mom was later identified, but the Jimmy and Annette decided to adopt the child. That’s so nice and kind!

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