Teen Was Homeless Until This Fateful Moment, This Moved Me To Tears!

19-year old Logan Hunts has had a rough childhood.

Logan Hunts spent his childhood in multiple foster homes as a toddler. When he turned 18, he became homeless. Logan became a desperate and sad teenager leaving out of his car. All he needed was love and affection.


The teen longed to have a family. A miracle happened that changed the life of the bitter and hopeless teen.

Logan’s story was aired on TV, and his sad story took an unexpected turn. Grab your tissues now!


His long-lost biological and adopted sister recognized him. Cheyenne Hunt, Logan’s sister, reached out to him. The family that adopted her sister welcomed him for Thanksgiving. The reunion displayed raw and pure emotions from the siblings.


Well, that was not the only surprise. The adoptive family decided to take Logan in too. Logan prayer of having a family and home was answered.


Logan Hunts changed his name to Seth Miller to mark a new beginning.


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