Teen With Down Syndrome Gets The Sweetest Prom Proposal.. And She Can’t Stop Smiling!

Carlie Wittman always wanted to be a Cinderella at a prom date, and his brother’s best friend knew that, so when the prom season got around the corner this spring, Shaedon Wedel was ready to change the history of “prom-proposals.” He did just that!

Apparently, Carlie loved Doritos, and Shaedon figured she would love a bag of some, but even with that, he had to pull off another impression to really capture her attention. He got his shirt printed some lines about Doritos. You’ll love it when you see it!

Carlie has Down’s Syndrome, but that didn’t stop Shaedon from walking up to her home’s front door and asking her out in fashion. He didn’t even have to say much. It was all written “on him!” When she sees it? Awesome!

You just can’t live without watching this clip. Carlie’s reaction is way more than anyone expected. This guy just scored a mega prom date with a princess. You can bet it’s going to be a blast. Watch the clip and SHARE. It’s already breaking the internet!

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