The Abused Dog Gets To Know What It Means To Be Loved For The First Time… Its Reaction? WOW!

Visiting a pet store is the first thing that most of us consider when we need a puppy. But, there is something you’ve never known about these stores; most of their puppies are acquired from puppy mills. If you have never known, puppy mills are associated with a lot of evil. They’re owned my scrupulous people who never mind about the safety of the puppies or their breeding dogs – all they’re after is money. From what has been revealed by the Humane society, it’s not an easy task stopping activities being carried by puppy mills – it’s hard to get the inside information about their activities. That means stopping acquiring pets from them is the only way we can do away with them and as an alternative acquire them from trusted shelter and breeders.

There have been cases of dogs which have been saved from puppy mills and it’s never easy rehabilitating them to the real world. They’re used to abuse and convincing them that those around them mean no harm is not an easy task to do.

This video features a live-changing rescue moment for little Harleigh. It took such a long time for the male volunteer to convince Harleigh he had no bad intentions before she could give in. If within a few hours Harleigh’s life has completely changed, how will it look like with a few days or months within a loving home?

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