The Amniotic Sac Did Not break When This Baby Was Born. It’s A Medical Miracle!

Once the baby has matured fully and ready to come out of the womb, the mother’s body gets ready to let the baby pass out from the womb into the world. During the contractions that enlarge her vaginal path for the baby to pass from the womb to into the world, the amniotic sac also breaks. It releases the water commonly seen during child birth. This breaking of the amniotic is a critical moment because it means the baby is no longer protected fully. That is why once the water breaks; the baby has to be delivered as soon as possible.

In the video below, the amniotic sac did not break during birth. This birth known as “en caul” birth, which happens once in every 80,000 births or less. The moment caught everybody by surprise. The baby could be seen inside, making a few movements. The umbilical cord is still attached to the baby, and it can also be seen.

Even the doctors and nurses were not prepared for this. Even for them it was a medical miracle.

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