The Baby Is About To Be Born But There Is A Big Secret That Is About to Unfold. Watch!

The moment Katrina became pregnant, she and her husband, Danny got very excited and could not wait to welcome their son into the world. Accompanying this big news was Katrina learning that her mother had terminal lung cancer. It was a big blow to the two.

Since Katrina wanted her mother to play a significant role in the welcoming of her grandchild which she would never get to see, she made up her mind that her mother will be the one to choose the name of her baby. The couple, Katrina and her Husband, Danny, wanted the baby’s name to be a surprise until the day she gave birth. Her mother having chosen the name just before she passed away and told it to Sarah, Katrina’s sister, it was a difficult task for Sarah, but she kept the name a secret for six months.

With the big day finally here, Sarah writes on YouTube on Friday 13th, which was the long waited day to reveal the awaited secret name by their grandmother. You must watch this very touching video. But before that, you just need to grab your handkerchief and find out the name their grandma gave the child.

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