The Baby Stopped Breathing, What The Teenager Did? We Need More Of This! What A Hero!

Sometimes, Abby Snodgrass does her shopping at the nearby Walmart. On this day, the high school student had gone to do some shopping as usual, but never expected she will end up being a hero. She heard that there was a baby who had stopped breathing in the store’s electronic section, and the emergency responded vehicles could take some time before the 11-month old baby was attended to. Upon hearing that, she knew she had to do something and sprang into action.

Abby has some experience in administering CPR. The teenager is enlisted in the National Guard and also has gone through some CPR training at the local high school she attends. That meant she was able to administer some CPR to the baby and rescue the situation.

While being interviewed by news, Abby revealed she had doubts that the CPR may fail to work, but overcame the thoughts and kept on resuscitating the baby. When being interviewed by Steve Doocy, who works for FOX News, she estimated that the child’s breathing might have stopped a minute ago from the time she started administering the therapy.

Watch this video and get the first-hand experience of Abby Snodgrass’ heroics. If you believe more of our young people have to be like this, kindly SHARE this story and comment below!

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