The Bride Was Walking Down The Aisle, Then All Of A Sudden… What A Surprise!

I am damn sure that the last thing that you will ever wish to happen on your wedding day is surprises.

This is because you’ll have taken a lot of time to plan carefully for this wonderful day. Also, on the other hand, a surprise can be used to make one recall the day for the rest of his life.

The following clip was produced by Music and Performance Niagara. In it, we witness a wedding moment that is lovely. Shannon, the bride, made sure to mark her wedding day in style, so that it can be forever memorable. She brought students from Music Depot to entertain Rick, her future husband, and the invited guests that were 130 in number.

As she walked down the aisle with her parents, all seemed going as scheduled. Then all of a sudden, a voice is heard saying that it was time to start. Then a boy popped from the middle of the multitude and began singing “Chapel Of Love.” In a matter of seconds, 15 more students joined in the singing.

What about the guests? They all wore surprised faces because of what they were witnessing!

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