The Cameras Recorded Something Scary… I’m Speechless! Watch This!

It has always been known that there are some scary Disneyland legends. The most common one is that which suggests that the park is mostly visited by ghosts, for example, the Walt Disney ghost. I don’t like anything to do with ghosts even if it’s a movie. In this case everything seems to be real.

Some years back the security cameras installed at the park managed to record one ghost that was walking around during the night. As much as the video is not very clear, you can actually see something unusual. I could not believe it! This is very strange. You need to check this one out for yourself. This is one of those moments where I will find my bible and cling onto it.

For sure, I totally agree that there is a meaningful explanation about what is happening in the park. It is as if there is something or someone moving around the park. After all, it’s a small world and we are not alone.

Watch this clip and SHARE your opinions with other people. Do you agree that the movement in the video is unusual? Whichever the case, this is really strange.


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