The Car Crashed And The Puppy Decided To Do This… What The Police Did? Priceless!

It was business as usual on the ever busy Phoenix, AZ freeway when disaster struck. A vehicle belonging to one woman flipped three times after it had crashed. She was accompanied by her two dogs in the car when that took place.

Although the car rolled, the woman’s Tzu puppy escaped and started running along the busy freeway. The police knew the kind of danger which the puppy was facing and immediately sprang into action.

They wanted to rescue the terrified dog and went ahead and blocked the road so as to ensure he was not run over by the moving traffic. They went after the dog by using their motorcycles though the dog kept running away from them. Finally, one officer managed to catch and comforted him before carrying him away to safety. What a priceless operation from the officers!

Even though the accident was a bad one, the dogs and their owner did not incur serious injuries. They were taken to the hospital and released after a short time. We have to thank God for their safety and also recognize the heroic acts of the police officers!

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