The Coffee Shop Where Being Impolite Costs You Money. This Is Interesting!

There’s a smart coffee shop owner in Roanoke, VA, and now the media is all over his business. Austin Simms noticed that some customers were too rude, so he decided to do something about it. And what better way than using his coffee to make the difference? Great!

If you walk into this coffee shop and rudely ask for a cup of coffee, it’s going to cost you more. In fact, there’s a clear sign about that. According to Austin’s judgment as can be read off the sign, there are 3 levels of “manners.” There are those rude people who’ll just demand for the coffee with no hint of niceness, and then there are those who’ll throw in a little “please” in the midst of their buying statement. The third type has those people who appreciate what others do. These people will be nice enough to greet the person serving them before they kindly request for what they would like. Well, those are the people paying the least!

So each of these levels has their price clearly indicated. You get charged according to how “mannered” you are. Needless to say, this strategy has attracted lost of media attention. It’s gone viral!

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