The Cop’s Heroic Move Saves A Man, Then He Discovers The Sad Truth… Watch!

People choose to commit suicide because of varying reasons. Additionally, they choose the most dangerous places to commit the act.

A New Jersey cop saved a man who was about to commit suicide.

The dramatic rescue was captured on the dash cam of the police vehicle. In the video, Sergeant Greg from Riverside saw a man trying to jump off the ledge. The man was crying as he made his way to the edge of the overpass on the highway.

The cop opened his car window and tried talking to the man. Instead of the man stopping, he runs towards the edge of the overpass. Sergeant Bogert steps out of the car and runs after him. He tackles the man to the ground before he could jump.

The sergeant stayed with the man till the backup police arrived. The man was taken to hospital for further evaluation. The sergeant discovered the man had family problems.

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