The Deer Got Hit By A Car, Then A Man Approached And Did Something Beautiful!

If you’ve been looking for the most touching video of animal rescue, you just bumped right into it. See, this deer was just taking a walk when it got ran over by a car. It got injured, but luckily for her, Simon Cowell and Emma stepped in to save the situation. Simon is the founder of Wildlife Aid Foundation.

The thing with deer is that they can die just by captured. It’s called “capture myopathy.”  The animal gets so stressed that it dies. So when the deer was rescued, Simon and Emma knew well that they couldn’t keep her with them, so they just patched up her wounds rushed her back to the spot where they had found her.

The deer was trying hard to get up and back into the woods but the injuries were making it a really hard task. After a few failed trials, Simon decided to do something, and it’s going to leave you with smiles!

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