The Disabled Boy Was Struggling, What His Gym Teacher Did? WOW!

Matt Woodrum who is 11-year-old suffers from cerebral palsy but he is a boy who always gives his best at all costs.

His school was holding a 400-meter-race and was discouraged from participating. But Matt was ready to compete with his classmates and finish the race. Almost halfway, Matt was trailing and had lost his earlier momentum and was a bit struggling. When John Blaine, his gym noticed that, he approached Matt who assured him he was determined to finish the race. Upon noticing his determination, he joined him to give him the support he needed until the end of the race.

It did not take long before Matt’s classmates joined their teacher. They cheered Matt until he completed the race. This clip was recorded by Matt’s mother who had attended the occasion. This is one of those incredible moments which helps in restoring faith in humanity.

Even though this clip was posted on the internet a few years ago, it’s still receiving a lot of recognition from all over the world. If only the world was full of people ready to do what this youngster and their teacher did!

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