The Final Scene Of The “Dirty Dance” Was The Dope Of All Time. It’s Still Perfect!

When Dirty Dance hit the theatre screens 28 years ago, something happened and no one expected it. This classic movie has gone on to win Grammy awards and Oscars. Now that must be something!

First, the two main character players, Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze, weren’t so at ease working together. Their previous acting in “Red Dawn” hadn’t worked out well, so they really had a rough time convincing themselves that Dirty Dance would be different, and it was!

Despite running into quite a few short-comings during its filming and production, from low morale of the staff to the main sponsor pulling out, this movie rose to become one of the best pieces of art ever produced. In fact, Dirty Dance sold more than a million copies at an estimated income of over $200 million. Incredible!

Now, if you thought a video scene recorded 28 years ago can’t rock the world today, wait till you see this. In the clip, Patrick and Jennifer are all given to the dance in the final scene of Dirty Dance, and what they’re doing with this chance is something most equal to making history. They surely made it!

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