The Hucklebuckers Are Back. Now This Is Too Interesting. I Must Learn This!

Think. Think of a great dance routine that ever captured the hearts of everyone. Think about a dance that makes you look so flexible and “out-of-this-world.” You really don’t have to scratch your head so much to realize that the hucklebuck is the only dance that fits this description. You might want to learn something like of this sort!

“Designed” by Paul Williams, this dance was the main thing on the dance-floor back in 1949. As silly as it may have looked, the dance was still the favorite thing to watch for many people. It’s the kind of dance that makes you shine among a crowd, shaking hips “like nobody’s business” and letting lose your arms like you want them off your body. It’s something that I can’t describe enough to substitute a good video of it. The video is right here!

In the video, you get to watch these two, Norton and Ralph, as they get to learn these cool moves. They’re called The Honeymooners, and they’re sure to crack your ribs with this. One of them is learning the moves so he can surprise his girlfriend. Get set for a good time!

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