The Kid Took An Edible Spice And Never Lived To See Another Day. So Sad!

This is definitely one of the saddest stories that one get to hear.

A kid by the name Matthew Radar was in the house doing the usual stuff any kid of 4 years can do. In someplace inside the kitchen, he managed to open a drawer containing spices and began playing with them. The next thing that her mother knew was that Matthew was seriously ill.

How come he got into this condition, yet he consumed a harmless spice? It was Cinnamon. They rushed him to hospital, but unfortunately in an hour later, he died. Upon carrying out the autopsy, the death was as a result of large ingestion of cinnamon asphyxiation.

Something funny is that this cinnamon asphyxiation is in our daily meals such as oatmeal breakfast and coffee.
For parents, this story is essential so as not to let their kids to play with anything they come across. Kids never know when they are about to harm themselves and therefore should always be watched over. Never let them take things like species thinking that they’re safe.

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