The Kind Of “Care” This Innocent Old Lady Witnessed Should Never Be Tolerated. What’s Your Opinion?!

When Camille Parent’s mom claimed to be have been assaulted by someone within the walls of one elder care center, the manager brushed her claims aside and did nothing. Good for her, she had a real son, and it only took a little of his intelligence to get all the beans spilling!

Camille knew for sure that his mom wasn’t a liar, so when he came to visit her and saw her with some bruises, he got concerned. He filled so many abuse claims with the management but nobody gave a hoot about the hell that the elderly, innocent lady was living through each day. She had bruises and her esteem was being affected. That’s when Camille came up with a plan.

Camille installed some hidden cameras in his mom’s room and went out on his way. What that camera captured has become a hot topic since its first posting in 2013. At first, everyone thought that Camille’s mom was being assaulted by fellow residents. Turns out, it’s the caretakers themselves causing her all the harm!

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