The King Of Rock’s Last Performance ROCKED The Whole Of Dakota – Watch The VIDEO!

Anyone who has ever listened to anything by Elvis Presley will agree that the argument that this guy is the all-time king of rock isn’t any bit far-fetched. In fact, more people might fall for the king after this!

Merely 6 weeks before his death, Elvis graced South Dakota’s Rapid City with his presence. Not only did he show up over there, but he also brought with him his great vocals that ever made people crown him the king of rock. Sadly, this was to be the day he did his last piece, but no one knew that.

Elvis’ last performance was one of his best, but this one song he sang was his best vocal action ever. It’s “Unchained Melody,” and it’s still hitting the waves with intensity. Everyone loves this song, and much more when they listen to this!

Listening to this performance, you just can’t help but feel the emotion behind it. Elvis always made sure to communicate the feeling in such a way that left people with lifted spirits. This wasn’t any different. Just click and watch.

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