The Little Guy Is In The Back Seat, And Then This Hit Comes On. Watch Him!

Most parents will confess that many of the greatest moments with their kids are just random. They just happen to be by passing by or watching from a distance when they spot the kid doing something most outrageous. It’s always a breath-taking moment for the parent. In fact, most parents have now adapted to the new norm of carrying their phones around to capture those cool moments in video form. This video here is one of those captured, and it’s going to lift your heart so well you’ll wish you were there!

Now, Drake is a little man with a real penchant for country music. This guy isn’t the type to be passed by a good song, so when he gets his young ears on Randy Houser’s “Boots On,” everything else loses meaning and mister Drake joins the singing. He even has a wooden guitar in the backseat!

You should see this. It’s these kinds of occurrences that really burst a parent’s heart with love. It’s even nicer that they got him on camera so they can remind him in future. So nice. Check this out and love it. You’ve to SHARE!


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