The Marine Stood Up Unexpectedly And Left The Crowd Speechless. Watch This…

Nothing of this sort was expected the moment Dan Clark, who is a retired Marine Corps Sgt. stood  in front of an audience of more than 30,00 people. This was the 7th inning stretch and was taking place within the Fenway Park.

The St. Louis Cardinals were playing the Boston Red Socks in the 2013 World Series’ first game. The crowd seemed uninterested since the Socks had already taken the lead. So, the brave marine thought that was the best time to step onto the field and perform one of my best patriotic songs.

A lot of history is contained in the song which Irving Berlin originally wrote back in 1918 but it stands out from other patriotic songs since it’s much of a prayer. The song was revised back in 1938 but then gained a lot of popularity when it was performed by singer Kate Smith. It’s a song which Americans have celebrated since WWII. Words of appreciating and being thankful for our great country have been carefully selected within it and expressed poetically. I think listening to this Marine perform this song makes me feel more American than ever!

What are your thoughts on Clark’s performance?

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