The Meteorologist Was About To Give A Weather Brief, But Oops… So Funny!

Have you ever been in the middle of something then you realize that something is wrong? For example, have you ever walked on the streets then you realize that your zip is open, or you wore you cloth inside out? I think these are the worst moments you can ever find yourself, and there is nothing worse than being a public figure- a teacher or a lecturer. I am sure you can imagine the embarrassment, and that’s the point you would wish that the situation would be reversible. If you are in such a situation, you have to think fast on how you can change everything so that it may look like a joke though it is real. You just have to be creative enough to avoid the embarrassment.

In this video, we meet Steve Frazier, a meteorologist. Steve was ready to give his news about the weather when he realized that something was not right. Since he was live on the TV, and he did not want to embarrass himself, he came up with a good idea to avoid the embarrassment. What this guy did will surprise you. It’s just funny! Watch and see how everything happened.

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