The Most Fascinating And Mysterious Moves Ever. They Will Leave You Jaw-Dropped!

With the advent of the internet, the world is now a global village which can be reached with a single click. That means getting to see the various traditions and cultures in different parts of the world is quite easy. The performance you are about to watch is highly regarded in certain parts of the world, though it might not be popular amongst most Americans.

This is a Russian group famously known as Berezka. When you watch them dance, you may think they are making use of roller skates as you can hardly notice motion from their hips downwards. For you to be a master of this dance style, a lot of concentration is needed so as to come up with the precise movements.

As revealed by, this group of dancers is known to have covered a distance greater than what the Equator covers when dancing. The khorovod, which is a round dance that kick-starts most of their performances has been around for more than six decades and is the one their ensemble’s trademark features. Nadezhda Nadezhdina was the one who created the inimitable step. Anyone who joins the ensemble is told not to reveal the “floating step” to others despite how close they are to him or her.

I found the kind of artistry, this group exhibits unbelievable. How do you rate their moves and all they do? Comment below and SHARE this clip with your Facebook friends!

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