The Most Tear-Jerking Anorexia Story I Have Ever Come Across. Watch It Out!

Some individuals have the habit of laughing and scorning super models because they seem to be emaciated. There is always that feeling of shoving cheese burgers down their throats to make them look better.

We always wonder why these models have to starve so as to achieve the shape they want.  When I came across this video, I saw a teenager who has a disease called anorexia. For sure I realized that this disease is not a thing to laugh about. The National Eating Disorder Association claims that twenty million women in the United States suffer from this eating disorder.

This disorder does not really affect men that much and the same association suggests that ten million men suffer from anorexia nervosa. These people have an urge to look perfect and as a result, most end up becoming overweight. If you look at this video, you will see a fifteen year old girl who was initially healthy, but she ended up to be very slim. I could not imagine that someone would be as thin as she was.

I almost cried and I was very sorry for her. I made up my mind that I will never laugh at a thin person or an overweight individual. I also thank this girl for her courage to reveal to the masses that anorexia is real.

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