The Owner Was Not Happy With Her Dog’s Eating Habits. What She Came Up With? WOW!

Dogs happen to be one of those animals who can’t control their appetite. Whenever they are given food in a dish, they usually try to wolf it down as fast as they can, irrespective of whether there is or no other dog nearby. By doing that, they risk getting chocked or probably ending up with some health issues.

Bella, one German Shepherd is no different when it comes to taking her meal. Her owner noticed that and decided to come up with a way of controlling her speed of eating. The genius way she came up with is partly a game that brings about some fun during meal time. Bella has no option but to slow down since she has to do something to get the food and when she gets it, it’s in a controlled manner. I liked the kind of dedication Bella has.

How I wish somebody somewhere came up with a similar trick to enable me strictly observe my diet!

Don’t you think this dog is intelligent enough to discover the whole trick? Have you ever tried a similar trick on your dog?  Let us know and SHARE with all dog owners you’re aware of!

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