The Pooch Was Gone For A Few Days, When He Returned? It’s Amazing!

Everyone has a friend he loves so much and the case in this video is not any different. People have always had it in their mind that dogs and cats hate each other. At some point, I do agree with that, but the case in this video will surprise you since the two are best friends.

This dog had gone for a week, and when he came back, this cat went straight to receive him. It’s as if the cat was hugging him and telling his friend how much he has missed him. I am sure the cat must have been lonely for a week! I know most people reading this right now are anxious to see how the cat welcomed the dog home. All you have to do is relax and watch how these two friends hug and love each other.

At times, the enemies can become best friends! I was happy to see how the cat jumped to hug the dog by his neck, and the dog was like “hey young friend! That’s enough.”

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