The Secret Of Making A Perfect Steak. Check It Out! I’m Trying It Tonight!

We always know that there are ways to check the doneness of meat. One is to use the thermometer to and the second one is using the fingertips. Many experienced chefs find it reliable to use the fingertip since the thermometer is not very effective. At the same time, the thermometer may cause the juice inside the meat to move out as one tries to poke a hole on the cooking steak.

Luckily, I found this clip which illustrates the steps that one is supposed to follow when using the fingertip method. I guess most people have been using this approach to press lightly on the meat. After watching this clip, you will be sure to tell the doneness of the steak. I should also remind you that this technique cannot be mastered at once instead you will have to practice it. With time, you will get to know how it works. I have tried it before and I want to assure you this is something you can learn once and for all. It works very well!

This is the only way to cook an enjoyable meal.

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