The Two Musicians Strip And Change Their Clothes As They Play Piano, How They Do It? Magical!

I can admit that I have tried to play guitar, but my deaf ears and slow fingers have not allowed me to learn. This is the reason I consider people who can play guitar as special.

As much as some people can play guitar and other musical instruments, some are not satisfied with it. Some prefer to include something unusual in their performance. The best performers of such tricks include Benedikt Zeitner and Dominik Wagner. The two are talented musicians, and they have taken their performance to a totally different level. They have always included something like magic or comedy in their performance. They call themselves as “Ass-Dur” and they take themselves as the best musical duo in Germany since they are the only ones.

The video you are going to watch was a performance by the duo in 2009. It was a comic and creative performance since the two were stripping as well as changing their clothes while playing the piano. Surprisingly, they never missed a single key! This is awesome!

I know someone is anxious to see how they did it. Watch this clip to the very end and SHARE it with your friends.

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