The Unexpected Posting Of Her Daughter’s Video Makes A Definite Turn On Johanna. You Got To See This!

Mothers are lovely angels that God blessed us with. Here in this video, we clearly see how this mother gets more than surprised to find out that what she had done, had definitely earned her daughter recognition from all parts of the country. Elissa, recorded her daughter while she was doing the performance.

The title of the song that her daughter and two others girls were singing  was called, “Respect”, a classic pop song by the legend Aretha Franklin. In a matter of less than 24 hours, the video that Elissa had posted on her Facebook timeline; about her daughter’s performance had received over 200,000 views. This surely was because her daughter’s personality and determination demonstrated in the footage.

While dancing and singing on the stage with the two other girls, she develops this confidence in her that shocks everyone. What makes the whole thing interesting, is when her favorite fan, her father decides to scream, demonstrating how pleased he was with her.

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