The Zoo Staff Were Reluctant To Save A Drowning Ape, So He Did This… WOW!

Just recently, a gorilla lost its life when a little kid fell into the zoo enclosure and was seen to be in danger. Something had to be done to prevent the animal from hurting the child. Of course there have been conflict views about the whole incident and its handling. Now, what if things worked the other way round? What if someone wanted to preserve an animal’s life too?

Here’s a clip from way back in 1990. One day, Rick Swope visited a zoo in Detroit. As he made his rounds, he spotted a fight going on between two male monkeys. The little monkey, named Jo-Jo, was losing terribly, so he took off to safety. However, he ended up falling into the moat, almost drowning!

But people just stood around doing nothing. Some of them even tried to discourage Rick when he decided to save the monkey from drowning, but he would listen to none of it. The big-hearted guy dived right in and swam towards the animal. He ended up saving Jo-Jo’s life!

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