Their Daughter Couldn’t Sleep And They Had To Hire Sleep Consultants, See What They Did!

Marcello and Danielle have two lovely kids, 9-month-old Mia and 2-year-old Emmy. The family is great, but with one very incessant problem – Mia can’t sleep on her own in her bed. The couple needs this solved, so they do what any smart parent would: They brought in some experts.

Dream Team Baby is a consultancy service that helps people in such situations, so it’s nice that Kira Ryan and Conner Herman found the time to come to the family’s rescue. They came in to spend a night with the family, in Mia and Emmy’s room. At 2 a.m., it started.

Mia would wake up and start screaming, yearning for her parent’s bed. They would, usually, come for her, give her a bottle and let her sleep in their bed. When these two consultants came, they forbade the parents from even stepping into the room when the tantrums started. Mia threw a fit the whole night, and the next and the next. Two weeks, and then she started sleeping!

The trick is called “Cry-it-out,” and it’s very professional and effective. It works. It worked. Watch the video here and see the whole thing. You need to SHARE this!

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