Their Job Is To Find Abuses And Deal With Them. You’ll Love What They Did For This Lady. Incredible!

There’s nothing worse than a family living under fear and victimization, and most especially when it’s one of the spouses abusing the other. Many women put up with abusive and unstable marriages because they have nowhere else to run. Even when they find somewhere to move to, the costs of relocation still hinder them.

That’s why these cool guys came into the picture to turn the tide against the abusers and change the lives of the victims to the better. Meathead Movers was founded in 1997 in California, and they offer free moving services for the victims of abusive marriages. The company’s employees are mostly young men, and their job helps them grow as better men.

The company has partnered with another good NGO, Good Shepherd, which deals with same issues. They recently did something really cool for this lady, and it’s going to really tug at your heart. They saved her and her lovely family. You like that!

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