Their Kids Damaged A Rare Item In Museum, Who Will Forgive Them? So Irresponsible!

If you really know anything about art, then you’ll know that museums are some very beautiful places where governments and various private organizations keep historic items for all to visit and see. But some people don’t really care about this art that’s been maintained for ages. Some people are just irresponsible!

Take the case of what happened in China. There’s a very nice museum there that keeps some very rare crafts of art. Now, one day, some two parents took their kids to the museum, only that they didn’t really give a hoot about the items the kids were playing with. In fact, the parents even had the luxury of recording a video of their kids playing with and damaging one of the finest arts in the museum!

Now the one piece of beautiful art called “Angel Is Waiting” is no more. One of the kids hit it against the wall and broke it, all while the adults are taking videos of the disgusting scene. Really?!

Watch the video here and see how these humans behaved so badly. The museum is yet to decide whether or not to charge the kid’s parent for the damage. What do you think about this? Please leave a comment and SHARE with friends!

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