Their Song Is Still A Hit Fifty Years After They Released It. This Is How Music Should Be!

We all love songs not just because they make us feel good, but because they also bring back those sweet memories that we had many years ago. Songs are like milestones in our memory. How do you feel when you are having gun somewhere and suddenly you hear a song that was first played when you were a teenager? You suddenly feel more alive as you recall the sweet experiences that you had during those days.

Then there are those moments when you miss someone and a song plays. You then remember the good times you had when you were just the two of you. So you feel glad that you were able to enjoy their company when you had the opportunity. I simply can’t find the right words to express the good things that good music can do in our lives.

The songs recorded by the Righteous Brothers, over fifty years ago, are a great example of wonderful classic songs that bring back sweet memories. Those were the times when music was music and you could always learn something about life by just listening to the sings. Is there something that this kind of music reminds you about?

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